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This page is dedicated to the descendants of John Toliver Grissom and Florence Martha Haston, our history, family, and reunions. While you're here, read through our family history, look at our picture archives, check our mailing list, remember the fun and fellowship of past reunions, and plan for the next reunion in 2005! Thanks for visiting!

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On August 2, 2005, Judy J. Hillis will reach the vintage age of 60 years old. Some people would like to reach that milestone in a quiet and understated way, but most of you know that isn't Judy's style. So instead, we're having a big party that we've dubbed Judypalooza.

For all the details about the party and to order the official Judypalooza Shirt, visit this page.


Through the efforts of many people, we have compiled a genealogical history of our Grissom family. Trace the families of John Toliver Grissom and Florence Martha Haston, and you'll see the names Hatfield and McCoy, Hoodenpyl and Shockley, Moore and Haston, Swindle and Chisham. It's fascinating reading and it's always nice to learn about your roots. Get to know your ancestors through this amazing history.

We have taken a handwritten history from Edith Grissom Vickers (penned around 1972), and added information researched and collected by Lynn Schiller, Sylva Hildebrandt, Eva Harbison and Corrine Opel. Many thanks to these ladies for all their effort and hard work. If you have additional information that would add to this history, we'd love to hear about it.

The Grissom Picture ArchivesGRISSOM PICTURE ARCHIVES

The Grissom Picture Archives

Click here to see some classic pictures from the Grissom Archives. We've also accumulated pictures from the last few Grissom Family Reunions as a reminder of those great events. As more pictures become available, we will add them to this page. We welcome any other contributions to the archives. Please contact Corrine or Paul for more information.

Last updated Wednesday, May 5, 2004

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Details & Planning
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Details & Planning
Reunion Recap


The GrissomsWe are looking ahead to 2005 and wondering how to plan. We love getting together with our relatives, but we wonder if interest is waning. At the reunion in 2003 the attendance was very poor. Except for Ozella's family, it was an off year for lots of people and they could not make it for a variety of reasons. In 2005, we may head back to Tennessee for our Reunion or we may choose another location. If you have a preference or a strong opinion, please let Corrine know so she can made a decision. Sad to say, at this point, the Grissom Family Reunion is in question for the future.

Read about our past reunions in our Grissom Reunion Section.

Hoping for even more good times at the 2005 Reunion!

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Click here to see the Reunion mailing list. Make sure you're on the list and that I have all the right addresses. If you see any corrections or additions that I need to make, let me know. I am also collecting e-mail addresses for everyone on the list, so I'd love to hear from you if you've got an e-mail address you'd like to add.

Would you like to receive an E-mail when the information or pictures on this page are updated? We have started a Grissom Reunion E-Mailing List for news and updates. To be added to the list, just e-mail Corrine or Paul and we'll make sure you receive the updates.

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