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A History of John Toliver Grissom
and Florence Martha Haston

Family PortraitIn 1893, John Toliver Grissom married Florence Martha Haston in Warren County, Tennessee. He was known as "Singin’ John" since he traveled around the country conducting singing schools at churches where there was no resident music leader. He and Florence raised a big family. We are third, fourth and fifth generation descendants. Some wonder if we are related to Virgil (Gus) Grissom, the astronaut, or that race car driver, Steve Grissom. Maybe, way back somewhere, we are. We do have some avid race car fans in our midst, and a driver or two. I have also heard that at one time our name might have been spelled "Grisham", so perhaps one of our relatives is a famous author.

Many of us Grissoms still live in Tennessee, where the family roots run deep. Others have drifted north, south, east and west. Our addresses cover the map, from California to Florida to New York to Minnesota. And so it should be, since this branch of the Grissom family seems to be an all-American family.

Going back several generations, we find that almost everyone was born in this country. We claim Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia as the birthplaces of our ancestors. I used to ask my mother "What nationality are we? Where did our relatives come from?" And she always said, "They were all just plain Americans." However, deeper research finds there are ties to Europe. We have found that Phillip Hoodenpyl was from Amsterdam, Holland. Margrett Winnans’ line came from Holland, too. Some of the Hatfield lines are also from Holland and Germany. The Shockleys were from England and it is a good guess that the Grissoms were, too. So here we are … those all-American Grissoms!

Our main source of information was…Edith Grissom Vickers (1895-1984) who gave these facts for her children and grandchildren. Written in her own hand, her words have been preserved. We are so grateful that Aunt Edith wrote all this down, so that we have a record for ourselves and for the descendants that follow. This was written in about 1972. The editor has taken the liberty to use Aunt Edith’s facts and make them into a more readable form. The editor has also made some additions to her text where Aunt Edith’s memory failed her or for clarity. Official information comes from Lynn Schiller, Aunt Edith’s granddaughter, who has researched the Grissom family history extensively. Her information has been added along with Aunt Edith’s account. Also assisting in the preparation of this was another genealogist, Sylva Hildebrandt, Ozella’s daughter. Thanks Lynn and Sylva for all your help!

Lynn has her own site with lots of great genealogy info: surnames, cemeteries, documents, links and more. You can tell she and her husband Glenn have put a lot of effort into this amazing site. Thanks, Lynn!

Click Here for Lynn's Site

Lineage of John Toliver Grissom

In order to tell who John Toliver Grissom was, we need to go back a couple of generations. We will start with his ancestors.

The Grissom Side

(Aunt Edith’s account, with notes and dates added by Lynn & Sylva)

  • My Dad’s great-grandfather, Toliver Grissom, was born April 12, 1821, the son of William Grissom and Eva Jane "Evey" Rhodes, the grandson of Charles and Margrett Grissom. Toliver Grissom died November 25, 1888 and is buried in Long Cemetery in Van Buren County, Tennessee.
    • Dad’s great-grandmother, Isabelle Shockley, was born May 5, 1825, the daughter of Samuel Shockley and Dorcus Arminda Hoodenpyl, granddaughter of Isaiah Josiah Shockley and Ruth Young, and Philip Gysberti Hoodenpyl and Jane Ranceville. Isabelle Grissom died August 10, 1907 and is also buried at Long Cemetery.
      • The date of Toliver and Isabelle's marriage was January 18, 1843 Van Buren Co. TN. To this union was born 3 daughters and three sons: Rutha, Samuel, John R., Eva Ann, Clarenda, and James Philip.
      • Rutha was born in 1844.
      • Samuel was born August 28, 1846.
      • John Rhodes Grissom, my grandfather, was born November 5, 1847.
        • Louisa McCoy, my grandmother, was born February 28, 1846 in Campbell Co. TN. They were married on March 24, 1871 and to them were born 2 sons.
          • John Toliver Grissom The eldest, my father, (Dad was born July 4, 1876 on the centennial of the United States of America)
          • Jimmie W. (James William). There were 13 years between them. Jimmie was born on May 10, 1889.
            • He married Mollie Wilcher, on June 9, 1907 (born August 19, 1889) and there were 2 children
              • Kelso
              • Vera Una Grissom. (Some records say Vera Ann.)
            • Uncle Jimmie died August 29, 1952 and Mollie on November 6, 1969
        • John Rhodes Grissom died June 19, 1914 and his wife, Louisa, died February 16, 1915. They are both buried at Long Cemetery. Van Buren Co. TN
      • Eva married Martin McCoy and to them was born a son and a daughter.
        Martin was a brother to my grandmother Grissom. Eva died and then Uncle Martin McCoy married my grandfather's youngest sister, Clarenda. So he married sisters, like they did in Bible times.
        • Willis (William)
        • Nancy
      • Clarenda To them was born one son, and 2 daughters.
        • Philip (nicknamed Keener) Ramsey McCoy, born April 11, 1879 Coffee Co TN. (records show Philip died June 8, 1958 in Van Buren, and is buried at Long Cemetery)
        • Ellie(also Martha Ella) born August 8, 1882
        • Marcus, another daughter, born January 22, 1891.
      • James Philip, born February 18, 1862.

    The Real McCoys

    Starting with my McCoy and Hatfield side of the family tree:

    • John McCoy was born 1801 in East, TN according to information on his daughter, Louisa’s, death certificate. He was the son of William ‘Billie’ McCoy and Jane Richardson.
    • Nancy Hatfield became his wife on Feb. 21, 1828 in Wayne County, Kentucky, the ceremony performed by David Duncan. Nancy was the youngest daughter of Elias Ale Hatfield and Milly Gibson, granddaughter of Joseph Hatfield and Mrs. Elizabeth (Deliz) Smith, nee Vance, great granddaughter of George Goff (Abe) Hatfield and Margrett Winans.

    John and Nancy moved from Kentucky to Campbell Co. TN about 1836, then to Van Buren County, TN. That is where they lost everything in the Civil War. There are conflicting records about the state of birth for John McCoy. We are not sure if it is Kentucky or Tennessee. These Hatfields’ and McCoys were not the raucous, gun-toting people characterized in song and fiction. John and Nancy lived very pious lives...mostly like Quakers. They would prepare on Saturday enough food to do over Sunday and their home was so huge they had the church services in their home. They fixed food for a crowd for in those days before the Civil War they had, it seemed to today’s standards, a good living. In fact, full handed, as all their children had his own saddle horse. Of course, that was their way of travel then.

    For more information about the Hatfield/McCoy feud, visit The Real McCoy's website. They have information about the origins of the feud, some ancestry information and much more.

    • To John and Nancy were born 15 children…13 lived to be grown.
      • 2 died young. They were girls. Sarena and Permealie
      • I may not get them as they come. The 13 were, first the sons: Joe, John L, Martin, George, William, Ewell (pronounced UL), Marion, Andy, Nick. The girls were Louisa (my grandmother), Nancy, Millie, and Bettie. At one time I had 6 great uncles, and another one by marriage, fighting in the Civil War. Three never lived to return home. One, Uncle George, was reported killed in the Murfreesboro (Tennessee) battle and supposed to be buried in the national cemetery there.

    Lynn Schiller’s official records show that John and Nancy had the following children:

    • Andrew E. McCoy born Feb. 24, 1829 KY, died Civil War
      • Spouse Mary Gibson born 1833 TN married July 16, 1854 in Campbell Co. TN.

    • Milly Ann McCoy born March 23, 1830 KY died May 27, 1902 Barren Co. KY
      • Spouse Reddin Smith born July 28, 1827 Campbell Co TN. Married August 20, 1848 Campbell Co. TN, died January 28, 1900 both buried at Poplar Springs Church Cemetery, Barren Co. KY.

    • William R. McCoy born June 03, 1831 KY, died Sept, 23, 1898 Barren Co. KY.
      • Spouse Martha Hurtt born Feb. 04, 1834 TN, Married Nov. 07, 1856 Scott Co. TN, by James Lay, died May 1897 Barren Co. KY

    • George W. McCoy born Jan. 28, 1833 KY. Died in the Civil War
      • Spouse Martha born c1840 TN married c1857

    • Francis Marion McCoy born April 5, 1835 KY, died Dec. 31, 1918 Pilot Pt. Denton Co. TX.

    • Elizabeth ‘Bettie’ McCoy born October 19, 1836 Campbell Co. TN. Listed as single, living with sister Nancy Swindle in 1900 White Co. TN. Died after 1916 White Co. TN.

    • Joseph McCoy born Nov. 13, 1837 Campbell Co. TN, died May 9, 1906 Barren Co. KY.
      • 1st Spouse Selina (Salina/Celina) Adkins born Mar. 12, 1843 Campbell Co. TN, Married July 5, 1862 Campbell Co. TN by C. Huckaby, Justice of Peace, died Oct. 30, 1888 Barren Co. KY. Both buried at Poplar Springs Church Cemetery, Barren Co. KY. Joseph lost four family members in 1888 due to typhoid fever.
      • 2nd Spouse Mrs. Lucy Francis Wilson, nee Wade, born May 23, 1853 Barren Co. KY. Married c1889-1892. Died Apr. 11, 1937 Barren Co. KY. Buried at Wells Cemetery Barren Co. KY.

    • John L. McCoy born Feb. 20, 1840 Campbell Co. TN. Married Mar. 2, 1869. Died Aug. 10, 1918 Van Buren Co. TN.
      • Spouse Zarra Ware T. Gibson (Zara T. on tombstone) born Jan. 19, 1850 Scott Co. TN, died Feb. 02, 1928 Van Buren Co. TN. Both buried at Laurel Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.
        {Recent information shows Zerraware T. Gibson and family moved to Jackson County NC during/after Civil War. Zerra and John L. McCoy were married there 3/2/1869 by L.G. Ward, JP. She was the daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Gipson/Gibson. They had a son, Martin Wilburn McCoy, who married Maggie L. Templeton. Maggie's sister, Ida, kept a family notebook and recorded Maggie's date of birth as February 7, 1887.}

    • Martin T. McCoy born July 26, 1842 Campbell Co TN., died 1899 Van Buren Co. TN.
      • 1st Spouse Eva Ann Grissom born 1855 Van Buren Co TN, married Nov. 26, 1870, Van Buren. Died 1877 TN. Their children were:
        • James William (Willis) McCoy spouse Mary Alice Grissom
        • Nancy Isabelle McCoy spouse Sam Hitchcock
      • 2nd Spouse Clarinda Grissom Page born 1857 Van Buren Co. TN, died 1906 Van Buren Co. TN. All three buried at Long Cemetery, Van Buren Co. TN. Their children were:
        • Philip Ramsey ‘Keener’ McCoy 1st wife Rutha Lillian Grissom, 2nd Lyda Pearl Sparkman
        • Martha Ella ‘ELLIE’ McCoy married Joseph E. Hale
        • Marcus M. McCoy single

    • Nancy McCoy born May 27, 1844 Campbell Co. TN, died 1929 White Co. TN.
      • Spouse Samuel Clark Swindle born Jan 1844 TN, married August 09, 1868 in White Co. TN. Died 1905 White Co. TN. Both buried at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, White Co. TN
        {The McMinnville TN New Era Newspaper dated Thursday, May 28, 1903 states that "Miss Nannie Swindle of Yateston, White County died Thursday, May 14, of a fever, and on Saturday following her father, S.C. Swindle, paid the same debt." More research is being done to see if this is the daughter of our Nancy (McCoy) and Samuel Clark Swindle.}

    • Louisa McCoy born February 28, 1846 Campbell Co. TN. (in 1850 census they lived in the seventeenth subdivision, by 1860 it was called Jacksboro) died February 16, 1915 Civil District #6, Creek, TN (Death Certificate #483, informant Will McCoy of Creek, TN: father listed as John McCoy, mother unknown. E. T. Mooneyham, M. D. attended)
      • Spouse John Rhodes Grissom … see Grissom lineage

    • Sarena McCoy born July 6,1848 and died young. Date unknown.

    • Euel W. McCoy born Jan. 1, 1850 Campbell Co. TN, died Dec. 26, 1910, buried in an unmarked grave Laurel Creek Cemetery. Van Buren Co. TN. (1910 Carlisle County KY census lists him as Ewel W. McCoy, however cemetery list of Laurel Creek spells it "Euel".)
      {Like John Toliver Grissom, Ewel was a "singing instructor". Ewel and Nancy lived for some years in Bardwell KY. They separated prior to his death and he returned to Van Buren. Recent findings show a daughter of Ewel and Nancy, Ada (Adra/Adrah) McCoy, married Calvin Parker in Warren County TN on March 24, 1891.}
      • Spouse Nancy Halteman on Dec. 30, 1869

    • Permealie McCoy born February 2, 1852. Died at a young age.

    • Nicholas P. McCoy born Aug. 28, 1855 Campbell Co. TN, died May 18, 1926 Barren Co. KY. Moved to KY with brother Joseph about 1885
      • Spouse Ida McCormick born Oct. 11, 1857 TN. Married about 1877, died March 28, 1934 Barren Co. KY. Both buried at Pickett Cemetery Barren Co. KY


    An anecdote from Aunt Edith:

    When the Yankees came through the farm of my Great-grandfather McCoy, they run them off their big farm. All they got away with was only what they could throw into a farm wagon. They had to leave their beautiful home.. all their stock and crops.. herds of sheep, all those fine horses. There was one or more mother hogs with a bed full of baby pigs. In that day, they really lived off the land. They had to weave their own materials to make their clothing and after the under-garments were made - the material was similar to unbleached muslin, they would boil them out to bleach them, and would hang them to dry in a large empty room of the house. The "Bush Wackers" or highway thieves they would call them today - they would break in and steal the garments. They had to bury their meat or any special food. They would put them under the floor buried in dirt. Grandmother Louisa always did say they steal them poor as poor could be. Think how a wealthy family managed to live on practically nothing after being full handed. She always felt like the entire family of children was cheated out of their birthright. It sure was a blow they never got over. She died in her late 60’s. Granddad, too. Kathleen was a small child when they died..the only great-grandchild they had. I was very fond of them being the first grandchild to them. I stayed with them, through one term of school in that area. We were all a close knit family for my Dad and Mother lived in a house built for them on Granddad’s farm. I was born there. The little house was always called "Johnnie’s House"

    Nancy Hatfield McCoy died December 15, 1891 and John McCoy died August 4, 1874, both in Van Buren Co. TN. They are buried in OLD Laurel Creek Cemetery, Van Buren Co. TN.

    Lineage of Florence Martha Haston

    The Hastons

    Here is my mother’s family: She was a Grissom offspring way back…Mother and Dad were 3rd cousins. (Sylva’s note: Actually they were second cousins, once removed, because they were of different generations. Charles Grissom was Florence's great-grandfather, but he was John Toliver's great-great-grandfather. An uncle and a nephew married the sisters Shockley. )

    I cannot remember my grandfather Haston’s mother’s first name, but we always called her Granny Troglin (sp?). One of my memories of her was she smoked a clay pipe - which, in that day and age, was very common. (Lynn’s Notes: Granny Trogdon (several spellings) would be Loucinda L. Haston. The following information about Granny Trogdon comes from Lynn’s research.)

    • Loucinda L. Haston, Edith’s great-grandmother, was born on September 20, 1817 (so listed in her father’s Bible), was the daughter of David Haston. He was born May 6, 1777 VA, died April 01, 1860 Van Buren. Her mother was Margrett Roddy, born September 8, 1785 NC, died February 24, 1857 Van Buren. The David Hastons were married on March 5, 1800 Knox County, TN. Both are buried in Big Fork Cemetery VB, unmarked graves.
    • Loucinda's first spouse was Mr. (Unknown) Moore. They had one child - Edward Cyrus Moore (Edith’s grandfather), who was raised by his Haston grandparents, David and Margrett Roddy Haston. Women were not guardians of their children in this time frame, so Cyrus went by their name, Haston. (Too bad we don’t know Mr. Unknown Moore’s first name so that side of the family could be traced back.)
    • Loucinda married the second time to Abraham Trogdon about 1849/50. Abraham died before 1860 and Loucinda raised his younger [by his first marriage] children. In 1880 Warren Co. Census "Lucindy Trogdin" is listed as Mother, living with Cyrus and Caroline. Then in 1900 Warren Co. census, she is listed as ‘Lusinda Troglen’, age 83, Widow, mother of one child, no children living, in the household of W. A. Chisam, and wife Nolie, relation listed as grandmother-in-law. Born Sept 1816. Loucinda died December 6, 1902, Warren Co. TN. (Recent information notes that Granny Trogden died in 1902 in Maxwell, Franklin County, TN, not Warren Co.)
      • Edward Cyrus (Moore) Haston, Edith’s maternal grandfather, was born June 17, 1841. Cyrus was a CSA-2nd Lt. Co C 35th Reg. He volunteered (along with his father-in- law, 2nd Lt. Alexander Grissom) on Sept 6, 1861-McMinnville (Camp Smart) - Paroled May 1, 1865 Greensboro, North Carolina
      • Caroline Grissom was Edith’s grandmother. Her history states that Caroline Grissom was born February 09, 1839. Daughter of Alexander Grissom and Rutha Shockley, granddaughter of Charles and Margrett Grissom and Samuel Shockley and Dorcus Arminda Hoodenpyl. She was married to Cyrus Haston on June 18, 1860 in Van Buren Co. TN by P. Moore, MG. To them was born 4 daughters: Emma, Julia, Nola and Florence.

        • Emma, who married Harmon Swindle. To them was born 4 sons and 3 daughters. The eldest was May (I don’t know their birthdays), next Mattie, Charlie, Billie, Cyrus, Jessie, Houston Harmon Swindle, Jr. and Maud.

          Lynn’s notes:
          Emma Haston, was born on Apr 13, 1867 VB, and married on June 18, 1885 to Houston Harmon Swindle born April 09, 1858 TN. Their children included:

          • Florence Mae Swindle b Jan. 19, 1887
          • Mattie Bernice Swindle b Apr16, 1889
          • William Marvin Swindle b. Mar. 4, 1891
          • Charles Armstrong Swindle b 1896
          • Edward Cyrus Swindle b Jan. 8, 1898
          • Jesse Dobkins Swindle b Sept10, 1901
          • H. H. Swindle, Jr. b Jan. 29, 1905
          • Mollie Maude Swindle b July 8, 1908

          Emma died Mar 26, 1939, Fort Worth, TX and Houston died Dec. 7, 1929, Dallas, TX

        • The next aunt was Julia, and she married Louis D. Martin. To them was born 8 children. The eldest, Esther, Haston, Mollie, Dolly, Clara, Houston, Hamby, and Thelma. Four of them are gone (as of 1972). Hamby was the youngest and Aunt Julia died with phlebitis or "Milk Leg" when he was 3 months old. She was very ill from the day he was born.

          Lynn's notes:
          Julia Haston born Mar 6, 1872 TN, married on Sept 23, 1890, died Dec. 3, 1912, Spouse Louis D. Martin born February 21, 1862 Dekalb Co TN, died Jan. 1951 Warren Co TN.

          • Nolie Ester Martin b April 5, 1892
          • Cyrus Haston Martin b May 24, 1894
          • Mollie Martin b Jan. 10, 1897
          • Dollie Martin b Nov. 9, 1899
          • Emma Clara Martin b June 12, 1902
          • Hiram Houston born Oct. 27, 1905
          • Thelma Martin born Dec. 24, 1908
          • Hamby Martin born Sept. 9, 1912

        • Aunt Nolia, the 3rd aunt, married Aaron Chisham. To them was born 6 children: Mamie, Noyce, Bessie, Rena, Willie Ruth, …I have forgotten the name of the youngest one…I think Tom. Aunt Nolia lived to be in her 80’s.

          The following information was provided by John Crigger, son of Bessie Crigger, and Lynn Schiller:
          Nolia Haston born Dec 29, 1874 Van Buren Co., married William Aaron Chisham on July 26, 1896 Warren Co. TN. He was born Feb. 16, 1869 and died Feb. 26, 1937. She died Oct. 13, 1959. They are both buried at Allen Cemetery, Marshall Co. These are their 6 children.

          • Mayme Vilie Neal, born April 26, 1897, died Dec. 18, 1971, buried Waxahachie TX
          • James Noyce, born July 24, 1899, died Feb 1977, buried Memorial Gardens, Murfreesboro, TN
          • Bessie Lee Crigger, born June 23, 1901, died May 18, 1984, buried Bethlehem Cemetery
          • Lou Rena, born Oct. 14, 1903, died Oct. 30, 1919, buried Allen Cemetery, Marshall Co.
          • Thomas Reginald, born July 23, 1906, died 1933, Lancaster, TX
          • Willie Ruth Thomasson, born Sept. 22, 1916

        • Florence Martha (my mother)

    Edward Cyrus (Moore) Haston died March 17, 1898. His wife, Caroline, died on February 19, 1899…a century ago, as this is being edited. They share the same tombstone at Long Cemetery. They both died of tuberculosis.

    The Children of John Toliver and Florence Haston Grissom

    • Johnnie T. Grissom, (my dad) married …
    • Florence Martha Haston on July 13, 1893. (by Jacob Stipe, MG. Witness bond, Uncle Phillip Grissom on July 11, 1893 Warren County, TN) She was 15 and he was 17.
    • To this union was born 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls.
      • Fannie Edith, the eldest, was born June 24, 1895.
      • Tullus Clifton on July 1, 1898.
      • Lyda Ozella Emma was born November 25, 1900.
      • Lester Kerr August 20, 1903.
      • Brainard Weaver October 9, 1907,
      • Kimera Dickson April 1, 1911, ( Lynn’s Note …Not sure of Kimera’s middle name, but I have Dixon)
      • Eiland Ezdell, January 27, 1914,
      • Orpha Addine, November 3, 1918.

    As this is being composed in 1972, 3 of these brothers have died; Tullus, the eldest on August 13, 1969, Brainard, July 5, 1965 and Kimera on September 5, 1970.

    Their Children's Children

    • The eldest daughter, Edith, was married to James Claud Vickers, December 14, 1910. To this union was born 4 children. 1 daughter, Kathleen Johnnie born February 20, 1913, also three sons. The eldest, Gafford Leron was born December 24, 1915. The second son, Harold Hampton, April 17, 1920. Jasper Cyrus (J.C.) Vickers was born January 16, 1929. He died in an automobile accident May 31, 1952. He was 23 ½ years old. He left a wife, Gladys and one daughter, Patricia Elane, born October 4, 1948. [Edith lived into her 89th year. She died Jan. 22, 1984, and is buried at Mt. View Cemetery. Warren Co, TN]
    • Tullus C. Grissom was first married to Lila Paine, on August 17, 1915. To them was born one daughter, Theola on November 29, 1916. His second marriage was to Thelma Harris on June 8, 1922. To them was born one daughter, Lois Mae, June 9, 1924. She has a son and daughter. Each one of the daughters has 2 children. Tullus died on August 13, 1969.
    • Ozella Grissom married Richard Hillis December 19, 1915. To them was born 10 children, 4 boys and 6 girls. The eldest daughter, Thelma Eulara was born Feb. 19, 1918. Next a son, Elzie Escle, April 7, 1919, another son, Noys Russell, Feb. 20, 1921. Another son, Elmo Grissom born in March 15, 1925. One son, Richard Jr., died at 3 months old (actually 8-9-26 to 9-13-26). He came between Elmo and Sylva. A daughter, Sylva Nadine born March 9, 1930. Noma Corrine, October 29, 1935. Eva Annette, born March 3, 1944 and Judy Janette born August 2, 1945. Another daughter Hellen lived only a few hours at birth April 21, 1922. [Ozella lived to be 85 years old. She died March 10, 1986 and was laid to rest in Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.]
    • Lester Grissom and Carrie Crowell were married in the 1920’s (April 20, 1924). To them was born one daughter Delores on February 23, 1927 and a son Erston on September 12, 1932. [He died April 22, 1974, and is buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Bedford Co, TN]
    • Brainard W. Grissom married Marjorie Bryant December 24, 1931. To them was born 2 sons, Wallace Doyle on March 17, 1937. Wallace is a doctor. Ray was born in the 1940’s (7-22-48). Brainard passed away July 5, 1965.
    • Kimera D Grissom married Hazel Shaw (9/4/35). To them was born one son, Kimera D. Grissom, Jr. during World War II (1943) while his dad was overseas. He is to be a full-fledged lawyer come August (1972). It is possible he will come to Florida. I hope so for I need a good lawyer. Kimera passed away September 5, 1970
    • Eiland Ezdell, my youngest brother, married Zelma Lee Blackburn about 1934 (2-6-38). To them was born 4 children, 3 boys and one girl. The eldest, Melvin, next the girl, Nola, next Gerald, and the youngest, Odell. [Eiland passed away Nov. 9, 1985. He is buried close to home at Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Bedford Co, TN]
    • Addine, my youngest sister, married Eugene Scott and to them was born one son, Goodwin Allen Scott. [Aunt Addine died March 2, 1989. It was her desire that her cremated ashes be spread over her mother’s (Florence’s) grave. Her wish was granted. However she has a plot and headstone at Swanson Cemetery in Chapel Hill put up by her husband, Gene.]

    My mother, Florence Martha Haston, passed away in her 73rd year, December 28, 1950. My father, John Toliver Grissom, went January 24, 1928, just 51 years old. [He died of complications from diabetes and tuberculosis.]

    [John and Florence were divorced in the 1920’s. His second wife was Mabel McCormack, whom he married on June 5, 1927. He is buried at Long Cemetery. Our grandmother was buried in Unionville, at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, just a short drive from her home she shared with Aunt Zelma Lee and Uncle Eiland.]

    Their Children's Children's Children

    Direct Descendants of John Toliver and Florence Grissom

    Eva Hillis (daughter of Ozella Grissom Hillis) compiled this section in 1997. Contributors were: Zelma Lee Grissom, Nola Klein, Wallace Grissom, Sylva Hildebrandt, Delores Russell, Harold Vickers, Jr., and Cynthia Miska Goss. (+) Denotes deceased

    • +Edith Vickers had 4 children,
      • +Kathleen Sanders had 4 children,
        • Donald has a daughter, Paulette and 2 granddaughters, Laurie & Rachel
        • Grey (Al) has 4 sons, Roger, Kevin, Brian and Jeff
        • Yvonne Booker has 4 children, Douglas, Jannie, Laurie and Chris
        • Diane Cagle has two daughters, Cherry and Lisa
      • +Gafford had one son,
        • Wesley Burke
      • +Harold had 7 children,
        • +Jerry Dean (deceased),
        • Lynnell Schiller has a son
          • Glenn, Jr. has two children, Angela and Stephen
        • Charles, has two children Eric and Christa
        • Barbara Horton has a son
          • Steve has a son Jake and daughter Katie
        • Harold Hampton, Jr. (H.H.), has Michael, Christopher (Shannon), twins Lesley and Ashley
          • Michael has a daugher Rebecca
        • Lea Ona Coalson has 3 children
          • Jerry has a daughter, Grace
          • Teresa has daughter Hannah & son Josh
          • Janice has a daughter, Taylor
        • Tracy has Tracy Jr., and Thomas
      • +J.C. had a daughter,
        • Patricia Baty has a son, Darrell

    • +Tullus had two daughters, one by Lila and one by Thelma
      • +Theola (by Lila) had two children
      • +Lois Mae Miska (by Thelma) had a daughter and son.
        • Cynthia Goss
        • Christopher has Sandra, Allison and Brian

    • +Ozella Hillis had 10 children, 8 survived childhood.
      • +Thelma (Sterling) Rigsby had 3 children
        • Marvin (Brenda) has 2 children, Kevin and Karen
          • Kevin (Cari) has a son, Matthew and a daughter Madilyn
          • Karen (Paul) Waters has a daughter, Rachel
        • Sandra (Leonard) Hillis has 2 children, Julie and Jason
          • Julie (Will) Cain has a daughter, Riley Swoape and a step-daughter Ryan Cain
        • Jim (Kim) has 5 children: Jennifer, Brian, Joshua, Caleb and Mary Alexis
          • Jennifer has a son, John Sterling
      • +Escle (Betty) had a daughter,
        • Dolly Anna Fox
      • +Noys (Joy) had 4 children.
        • Dennis (Claudette) has three sons, Richard III, Noys II, Dennis, Jr.
        • Michaelee (Edward Riccuiti/Frances Binge) Binge has Eddie, Tim and Emily
          • Eddie Riccuiti has two sons, Mychal and Roman
          • Emily has two daughters, Leila and Miya
        • +Terry (Shegiko) had two children, son Kenichi and daughter January
          • January (Michael) Crivello has two sons, Dylan and Benjamin (Benjamin’s twin brother, Tyler, was stillborn)
        • Janis (Ron Kemp) has a daughter, Mariah
      • +Hellen died shortly after birth.
      • +Elmo (Patricia) had two daughters
        • Margaret [Peg] (Gerry) Connell has two daughters, Katie and Kelly
          • Katie (Andrew) Mikos has a daughter Amelia
        • Mary Catherine [Cathy] (John) McKay has two sons, Matthew and Sean
      • +Richard, Jr. died in infancy.
      • Sylva (William) Hildebrandt has three daughters.
        • Karen (Gary) Skop has two children, Lauren and Ryan
        • Carol (Sten) Hildebrandt-Sahlberg has 2 daughters, Kara and Kristen
        • Sharon (Brian) Hildebrandt-Tonnies has twin sons, Chase and Carter
      • Corrine (Edgar) Opel has 4 children:
        • Elizabeth
        • Paul (Ellen)
        • Kurt (Anna) has two sons, David and Jonathan
        • Susan
      • Eva Hillis has 2 children:
        • Amy (Kevin) Lemke has three daughters, Julia, Gillian and Charlotte
        • Andrew
      • Judy Hillis had a son,
        • +Joseph, who is deceased.

    • +Lester had two children
      • Delores Russell has a daughter, Patricia. A son, +Jeffrey, is deceased.
        • Patricia McBride has two sons: Michael and Patrick
      • Erston has two daughters and grandchildren

    • +Brainard had 2 sons
      • Wallace has a daughter, Cindy
        • Cindy Lamsey has two daughters, Meghan and Laura
      • Ray has a son, Nicholas

    • +Kimera had a son,
      • Kimera Jr. (Dick) has 3 children
        • Jonathan R. Roberts (stepson)
        • Tammy G. McReynolds has two children, Kimera Ann and Katelyn Elizabeth
        • Angie G. Coffey also has two children, Joel Christopher and McKenzie Leighann

    • +Eiland had 4 children:
      • Melvin has 2 sons: Michael and Randall
        • Michael has 3 daughters Lindsey, Lauren and Karly.
        • Randall has a daughter, Taylor
      • Nola Klein has a son Darrell
      • Gerald has three children:
        • +Sherry is deceased
        • Kevin has a son and a daughter, Zeke and Zoey
        • Janet
      • Edwin Odell

    • +Addine Scott had a son, Goodwin
      • Goodwin has a son, James
        • James has a daughter, Laura

    Editor's Note: Every other year the Grissoms meet for a family reunion in Tennessee. The 2005 date and place are yet to be determined.

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    (Daughter of Ozella Grissom Hillis)
    May 02, 2004

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