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The Family of John Toliver and Florence Martha Grissom
circa 1914

The Family of John Toliver and Florence Grissom
Photo courtesy of Corrine Opel

Front row, seated left to right: Edith Grissom Vickers at about 19 years old; John Grissom, 38; Florence Grissom, 36; with baby Eiland on her lap. Next to Edith is her daughter, Kathleen, and Kimera Grissom, 3. Between John and Florence is son Brainard Grissom, 7.
Back row: Lester Grissom, 11; Tullus Grissom, 16; and Ozella Grissom, 14.
Not pictured: Daughter Addine, born 4 years later in 1918.

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