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Details & Planning
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Details & Planning
Reunion Recap

Every two years, the descendants of John Tolliver and Florence Martha Haston Grissom meet somewhere in Tennessee to meet new relatives, get re-acquainted with the old ones, see who's fatter and grayer and how much the kids have grown since last time. There is a buffet dinner, fun activities and entertainment, and lots of interesting information about our family and its history.

Besides just the reunion and dinner on Saturday afternoon, there are also many other activities planned in the week prior or following that special event. It gives us all a chance to spend more time together than just the 2-4 hours on Saturday. We've toured the Cumberland Caverns, gone to the Grand Old Opry, had some fun dinners and breakfasts at some fascinating places, and golfed together. We've laid by the pool, drove around the countryside, and visited with relatives we don't get to see very often.

We are looking ahead to 2005 and wondering how to plan. We love getting together with our relatives, but we wonder if interest is waning. At the reunion in 2003 the attendance was very poor. Except for Ozella's family, it was an off year for lots of people and they could not make it for a variety of reasons. In 2005, we may head back to Tennessee for our Reunion or we may choose another location. If you have a preference or a strong opinion, please let Corrine know so she can made a decision. Sad to say, at this point, the Grissom Family Reunion is in question for the future.

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