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Here are a few miscellaneous pictures from the 1987 Reunion at the D.A.V. in Shelbyville. Remember the blue t-shirts and hats?!

Susan at the DAVEveryone EatingThe Cousins
Photos courtesy of Paul Opel

Ozella's ClanThe Great-GrandchildrenThe Grandchildren
Photos courtesy of Corrine Opel

Susan came through with some pics from 1989, so the circle is complete.....(Boy, we sure looked younger 10 years ago!)

1989Kevin and AmyLots of Red and White!Ozella's Clan 1989
Photos courtesy of Susan Opel

1991Eiland's FamilyAshley & Lesley Vickers (which is which?)
Photos courtesy of Corrine Opel

1993Randy, Odell, Steve (back to camera), Goodwin, Nola, Gene Scott, Aunt Carrie, GeraldOzella's GrandchildrenWe're all cousins here, right?Aunt Edith's Family
Photos courtesy of Corrine Opel

1995The Entire Grissom Clan!Front: Aunt Carrie, Aunt Zelma Lee, Sylva, Delores, Nola    Back: Corrine, Eva, Melvin, Judy, Goodwin, Odell
Photos courtesy of Corrine Opel

1997Beth & SusanThe Opel Clan (some of us!)Cause I'm A Grissom!!
Photos courtesy of Paul Opel

1999Zelma LeeGrandchildrenGreat GrandchildrenGreat Great GrandchildrenIn-laws and FriendsLynn and Corrine
Photos courtesy of Corrine Opel

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Photos courtesy of Lauren Skop

Grissom Grandchildren Great-grandchildren Great-great-grandchildren Riley and Matthew
Grandchildren of John and Florence Grissom with Aunt Zelma Lee Great-grandchildren Great-great-grandchildren Great-great-great-grandchildren
In-laws and Jim All the Kids Gilly and Julia Eiland's Family
In-laws, friends and visitors All the Kids Gilly and Julia Eiland's Family

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